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Computer Diagnostics for Your Car Repair

Dealing with your car problems can be a real pain, especially when you have your "check engine light" turned on and you have no idea what the issue is. Don't worry. Our technicians at John's Auto Clinic in Ashland, Wisconsin can perform computer repairs in your car's engine to help with engine scans. We'll also do battery checks as well as test whether your car engine's timing is off.

Auto repair help in Ashland, WI

  • We'll make your engine work

  • Repairs in the engine through computer scans

  • Brakes and suspension

  • Deal with all makes and models

  • You get details of each repair done on your car

Auto repairs

Bring in your car for diagnostics and expect quality services and results.

We're A/C certified NAPA Auto Care Center

Get fully insured delivery services.

Your auto repair services are always in the best hands when our technicians work on it. With our pickup and delivery services, you can expect prompt service from us.


We've been in business for 27 years

Our technicians will go the extra mile to serve you better.

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